About Us

With offices in Tokyo and Los Angeles, we are delighted to bring you some new concepts with all your favorite kawaii characters.

We are an online store and original product will only be available at The Charm Galaxy.

You will have the opportunity to purchase individual items or limited edition Full Sets.


3D Scenes - Full Sets

Full Sets are a collection of four 3D Scenes plus an additional mystery 3D Scene.

There will only ever be five hundred Full Sets of particular collection released.

Each Full Set will come with a numbered sticker, so it will be unique to you.

Once a Full Set is sold out, the mystery piece will be retired.


Numbered Stickers

To celebrate our launch in 2020, our numbered stickers feature an image captured by the Hubble Telescope of the “Cosmic Reef”.

This image shows two nebulas in red (NGC 2014) and blue (NGC 2020) and was released on 24th April 2020, Hubble’s 30th anniversary.

These giant dust clouds are part of a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way called the Large Magellanic Cloud.